Christmas & Seasonal

Christmas stockings are exciting to make as they reflect a family’s tradition for many years. Stockings can be made with original designs of your choice, or they can fall under the replication category.

If your family has matching stockings made for each family member and you would like to continue the tradition, we can match size and design for any new family members. Like any replication, we try to match color and fiber as close as possible. You provide any changes (names, dates, etc.) to be made from an original stocking and we'll make sure it arrives before Christmas.

An original stocking must be sent for evaluation, sizing, and color matching. Please remember that some colors cannot be matched perfectly so some concessions may be needed, but it is ultimately up to you. Typically, the best time to place one of these orders is September or earlier. If you remember at the last minute you need to have a stocking made, don’t fret. For an added fee (usually 10-15%) plus postage for overnight delivery – we can make a stocking for you with one week’s notice as long as materials are in stock.

Original stockings can be left to your imagination in design and color. Don't forget your pets! We've made stockings for cats, dogs, and yes, even a snake!

Again, the best time to place a stocking order is early September (or sooner).