Q: What fibers do we work in?
A: We will knit any item out of any fiber that is commercially available, your taste and pocketbook are your guide. For example, we recently started a project in a 50% wool / 50% mink blend. Expensive? Yes, but you can’t find a sweater made of these kinds of materials in many catalogs or stores.

Q: What can be made?
A: Again, if you have or know of the pattern, if you have something in your imagination that you would like to wear, we can make it.

Q: Are all of our items “Hand Knit”?
A: Yes! All of our custom items, by their very nature, must be handmade. Sure, we can knock out a standard size acrylic crew neck on a “hand” machine (not automated) but we would not think of producing an Alpaca or 7 color hand dyed wool sweater with anything but our hands.

Q: How fast can an item be made? I need a gift, quick!
A: Every project is handled as fast as our little fingers can knit. The type of item, the complexity of the design, size and materials all contribute to the creative time. Our Custom Logo Baby Sweaters, for example usually have a turnaround time of 2 - 4 weeks. The more complex the project, the more time needed. Also check out our ‘pre made’ For Sale page.

Q: Is there anything that you can’t or won’t make?
A: Nope! We enjoy the challenge of something new and different and welcome all inquiries. Over the past year we have completed several "Adult Projects" that were interesting, to say the least.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: Please Contact us with your ideas and desires and we will discuss the project with you and offer a preliminary quote pending material and design selection.