Placing an order is a satisfying but easy process. First, the preliminary ideas get laid down through back and forth email communications. We listen to what you want and how you perceive the final outcome. We discuss fibers and list several appropriate yarns to choose from. As many local yarn stores only stock certain yarns, your specific yarns are usually ordered directly from major brands and suppliers we have formed relationships with. If all the materials are in stock this can take between 7-14 business days; but back-ordered yarn could take extra time.

Proper sizing is the first step in getting that "look" you want. We'll send you a sizing chart to fill out that pertains to the garment you want. The more exact the measurements, the better the garment will fit. We will add in any "give" to achieve the fit you specify based on the sizing and other information that you supply. Remember that different yarns and fibers knit up differently and our experience in knowing how they fall and drape will enhance the finished item.

We will contact you, discuss any questions we may have and quote you a price based on this information. When ordering please provide full name, address (both regular mail and e-mail), phone numbers and dates that are important. We keep this information on file and can answer your questions at any time. We DO NOT share your information with anyone.

Once the materials are received, small samples are knit up to get proper tensions and gauge to not only exploit the qualities of the yarn, but also to calculate the things needed to draw up a pattern for a good fit. As we do not use published patterns for custom orders, we draw up a sketch/pattern for your project and work the math needed to accomplish the knitting process. Only then is the project ready to actually begin on the needles.

Depending on the complexity of the garment, this planning stage can take several days or more to accomplish. Once planning is complete, your idea will become reality. If there are any questions or problems along the way, we contact you for discussion. Throughout the knitting process we send updates of your project's progress. Normal delays such as back-orders, mail service, communication time, etc. can cause more lengthy completion time and we alert you to such delays. However we endeavor to complete all orders in a timely fashion.

We work on a first come first serve paid basis and fill the schedule accordingly. Once details and yarn selections are in process, a $35 fee is required for the initial time spent on your project. Once all the details are finalized and a final price is determined a 100% payment up front in the form of a personal check or money order in US funds only is then needed. All checks must first clear before materials are purchased. Because our work is custom and unique to your project, we can not furnish refunds.

We do offer a free one-time alteration only if the garment does not meet the provided measurements as determined by Knit & Tuck; you only pay postage. Should this situation arise, it is handled accordingly. If you should change your mind about a length or fit we can still alter it (in most cases, but not all) for a fee.

By placing an order you are verbally committing to all terms here within. All correspondence is kept on file for reference and is used as a double check for details throughout the project duration.