Replication, Restoration & Special Needs

Replica Knitting

Replications can be both fun and challenging. We try to create as close to a perfect copy as possible. When making a replication we can also improve upon the fit or make other alterations you wish to incorporate. The concept of a “customized” replica incorporating a change in color, size, length, width, or change of adornments can breathe new life into an old favorite.

In order to see if a replication is possible, we would need to see the original garment. Initially a photo sent via e-mail will give us a good indication. The next step would be to send us the original for personal evaluation. For this we require a non-refundable $35 consultation and postage return fee to be sent with the item. If it is determined a replication is possible, that fee is deducted from the final price. Colors and materials are closely matched but age and wear make it difficult to produce an exact replica. If exact materials are not obtainable, substitute materials may be used with your permission.


When we do restorations, we match fiber, color and stitch as closely as possible. We blend and feather the edges of the repair and make it as invisible as we can. We take care of loose ends, repair and straighten seams, and fix any frayed edges.

We need to see the item, search for matching yarns, and evaluate what it will take to restore the piece. Unfortunately, restoration work is very time consuming and we require a non-refundable $35 consultation and postage return fee to be sent with the item. Before anything is done, we’ll contact you and tell you if the restoration is possible and give you a price. If you decide to proceed with the work, this fee will be deducted from the final project cost.

Special Needs

Through our years of design and knitting, we have found that there are many people who are forced to buy or wear off the shelf items that are by no means right for them. We can create a garment for a person with special needs that truly is custom in design, shape or size.

When we undertake a commission for a physically challenged individual, we approach it in the exact same way we do with any of our custom knit projects We ask questions and work with you to make sure that the finished product will look great and fit well. Specific lengths, closure styles, and custom padding are just a few of the modifications we can knit into any garment to allow you the style, fit, and freedom you desire.